Property Purchase Checklist

Buying a piece of land or plot is a dream for everyone as land is considered to be a safe and most appreciating asset class. The purpose could be for occupation, to secure a family’s future, children’s education, marriage or just an investment. Unlike countries like Australia or USA, where buying a property is as easy as buying any other product or commodity, it is quite cumbersome and a time consuming process in India. As India does not have a UNIFIED CIVIL CODE, land laws are governed by different statutes. There are no standard checklists to verify the property documents as land in India is a state subject and local laws are also to be studied in addition to the centrally governed acts.

Due Diligence checklist before buying a plot in the state of Karnataka :

Mother Deeds
Chain of title flow
RTC and revenue documents
Is the property an ancestral property or self acquired?
Family tree of the sellers issued by the local Village Accountant to be verified
Absolute sale deed & Khata in the present sellers name
Latest tax paid receipt
If there are any encumbrances / loan on the property and how the same will be cleared?
If it is an ancestral property, has a partition deed, release deed etc been executed between the family members?
As per Supreme Court judgement, all children, be it a son or a daughter, have an equal share in any ancestral property. Hence, are all coparceners a party to the sale deed?
Verification of original documents
Conversion order for change of land use from agricultural to residential
Approved layout plan
Unique Property ID / E-Khata in the name of the seller. In the state of Karnataka, sale of revenue sites (B Khata / a piece of land that does not have all requisite approvals) are banned. Hence ensure that the proposed site is not a “B” Khata plot.
It is advisable to check if loans are available for the land / plot purchase. That way risk can be mitigated.
If the plot is part of a plotted development project, check for registration with the Real Estate Regulation & Development Act and respective state rules and the compliance there of


It is also advised to go with a reputed land developer with a good track record to entrust your hard earned money. A second opinion with an expert will also help.

Be Diligent, invest safe & build wealth!