Plot Fencing Services

Real estate investments are geographically spread and it is seldom difficult to monitor them as frequently as you would wish to. To give you the much needed peace of mind, we offer yet another service to secure your priced possession. Whether you're looking for beauty, privacy, or security when installing a fence, we offer start-to-finish customized solution in installing the fence that's best for your plot. We offer a selection of styles, including Concrete wall fence, the economical precast compound wall or the low maintenance barb wire fencing. Get a custom fence design and professional installation by the brand you trust.


Our Product Offering:

  • RCC Compound Boundary Walls – RCC compound walls are known for their sturdiness and weatherproof properties.
  • Precast Ready made Compound Wall - Precast Ready made Wall is one of the innovative fencing techniques that have gained customer attention as it is easy to install and saves time.
  • Barbed Wire Fencing - This is the most popular type of fencing prevalent in India with over 60% of lands being fenced with barbed wire. There are several designs possible with barbed wire and the height of the fencing can be as per the needs of the customer.


  • Customization height
  • High durability
  • Low cost and inexpensive
  • Acts as an effective deterrent for intruders, cattle and wild animals
  • It is ideal for securing properties such as your house and business premises.
  • Multiple customized designs are available to help customers choose from wide options available
  • If you have a pool or garden area, an ornamental or wood fence can be a great visual addition and provide protection around these outdoor spaces.

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