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Panic Buying of Real Estate as prices Sky Rocket!

Contrary to the expected downfall of real estate due to the pandemic, house prices have skyrocketed in 2020. The Government’s support for Businesses, like interest rate cuts, purchase tax reduction etc. have helped upsurge house purchases and increase demand. Now, people are panic-buying homes out of fear that they may run out.

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Vastu Fixes to usher in Good Health and Positivity

Household appliances:

  • Appliances used for heating should always be placed in the south-east of the room.
  • Fridges should be placed in the northwest part of the room, while TV sets can go anywhere in the northeast part of the room.

Dining table:

  • If placed in the kitchen, the dining table should be placed in the northwest section and placed in such a way that the seating owner or the eldest person faces the north or east and the guest faces south or west while dining.


  • A bedroom is a place for rest and revitalization, and hence the location of the bed is important according to Vastu. It should be placed towards the southwestern part of the room but not in the southwest corner.
  • While sleeping, one should keep one’s head towards the south for better sleep and health.


  • Mirrors should not be put on the opposite side of beds in the study room or bedroom.
  • They should only be placed on the north and east walls.

Study Table:

  • The study table should be placed in the south-west of the room so that the person faces north or east while studying.

Wardrobe / Almirah:

  • These should be set in the southwest of the room and if they hold valuables, then it is perfect to put them in the southwest part of the room.
  • They should so placed such that they open towards the east or north.

Sofa set:

  • Furniture like sofas and chairs should be put in the south and western part of the living room.
  • The chair on which the eldest person sits should face the south or west direction.

Shoe Racks:

  • Footwear shoe racks should never be stored in the southwest part of the main hall or verandah and in the bedroom.
  • Never put shoes in the south-east, north, or east part of the house.

Internal plants:

  • Vastu rules say that cactus or related flora, bonsai trees, and red flowering plants should not be kept indoors.
  • The north-east corner of the house should be without plants and pots should not be placed along the north and east walls.

Fish tank and fountain:

  • These beautiful pieces should never be kept in the bedroom and study area.

Arts and Paintings:

  • To keep the North East clean and light, Vastu suggests keeping that area free from paintings or anything else.
  • War scenes, violence, nudity, evil and complex paintings should be avoided with painted colors.
  • The idols of the gods should not be placed in the bedroom and the heavy idols should not be placed in the north-east corner of the room.
  • Stuffed animals should not be kept anywhere in the house.

Home is where one spends maximum time and during the pandemic, as WORK FROM HOME (WFH) takes over, it is imperative that the above principles are followed to get a sense of peace and happiness.