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Demand of Real Estate Sector in Tier-II Cities

Tier II cities has the possibility of yielding maximum return on your real estate investments.  It poses all the basic amenities, better infrastructure and transportation system. Health and educational institutions, corporate and industrial institutions and many more but it still has lots of scope for growth hence increases the demand for residential and commercial properties.
  Most of the Tier II cities has been selected for Smart city project and will shoot up the real estate price once the project gets started.  Expanding number of industries, commercial hubs and new infrastructures have accelerated the demand for more real estate projects.
Selection of several Tier-II cities for smart city has made them a promising real estate investment destination for NRI investors.
  Tier-II cities are not only good for end-users with small pockets but are also great investments considering the potential price appreciation.  The passage of the Real Estate Bill will also play an important role in the protecting the interest of buyers and ushering in more transparency in a sector for opacity.

Tier-II cities as a viable investment option for NRIs

Tier-II cities are better investment destinations due to higher potential for growth. Residential real estate prices in some of these tier II cities have seen a very good appreciation in the past few  years and is more likely to grow at a faster pace compared to the metros. Modi Government’s smart city project is also have major role to play as if successfully implemented, it has the potential to transform many Tier-II towns into metros. With improving infrastructure and more industries coming up in these cities, real estate market will more likely to see an expansion. While property prices in metros are sluggish, Tier-II cities have seen a significant positive correction. For NRIs who  usually want to invest either for their families or to create an asset have very good possibility to invest in these non-metros Tier-II cities as they can use them if they decide to relocate to India in future.. With Indian economy growing smoothly the Tier II cities are likely to expand day by day as Tier-II cities grow much faster than metros and more economic activity and infrastructure developments happen there. Major government policy changes like Real Estate Bill which is bringing much need transparency and credibility to the real estate sector will encourage more and more NRI investors to invest without hesitation and worry.

Best ROI opportunities for NRI investors in Tier-II cities in Karnataka

Mysore holds the best ROI opportunities.
  • Mysore has always been an attractive investment destination due to its rich cultural and historical background.
  • Location benefit of Mysore is another important aspects to look into for any real estate investors as it is just 2-3 hours of travelling distance from Bangalore.
  • Mysore is one of major tourist attractions in India.
  • Mysore well connected transport system throughout the city, efficient power supply and better infrastructure.
  • Leading bio-tech industry in india with excellent infrastructure and research environment for the growth of Bio-Technology industry.
  • The number of IT Companies is ever expanding.
  • Mysore has less traffic when compared to other cities.
  • Best sewage, drainage and solid waste disposal systems in the country.