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Mysuru as an investment destination

Wondering why you should consider investing in Namma Mysuru?

here are a few pointers that will help you decide in the affirmative :

  • Mysuru the second largest exporter of software services is among the cleanest and well planned cities in India. With the opening of the Mysuru airport, the increase in the number of trains to and from Mysuru, the proposed Goods line & station at Bilikere and the widening of the NH 275 into a 10 lane highway, Mysuru is now more easily accessible than it was ever before. 
  • Mysuru as a tourist destination, as an investment hub, as a retirement paradise & as a cultural capital will grow leaps and bounds in the coming years.
  • Once the Green Field NH 275 and Mysore Madikeri Economic Corridor Expressway Project is completed, travel time from Bangalore to Mysore will come down considerably. Mysore is already a Smart City with well planned broad roads, adequate lung space and offers perfect Work – Life Balance
  • Tourism, Education, ITBT, Industry, Logistics, Lifestyle (malls, Golf Clubs, recreational clubs), Healthcare etc makes Mysore a preferred choice 
  • With excellent Air, Road & Rail connectivity, Mysuru is witnessing a Real Estate Revolution like never before and prices have been appreciating constantly year on year offering excellent ROI

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Why Invest in Mysuru?

  • Bengaluru Mysuru 10 Lane Highway
  • Bengaluru – Madikeri interlink road (Express Highway – Economic Corridor Expressway Project) being setup
  • Bengaluru – Mysuru to become twin cities & travel time to reduce to 90 Miuntes
  • Next IT HubIBM has recently setup its Campus
  • Major IT companies are shifting to Mysuru
  • Mysuru Airport expansion thereby connecting neighbor States
  • Land earmarked for Film City 
  • Mall culture & Pub Culture already started
  • Mysuru is exceptionally well planned city with superior lung space

For a quality living, MYSURU is the obvious choice!


Project Update – NH 275


Mysore Madikeri Economic Corridor Expressway Project Update

Project Cost – 3883 Crores (NHAI Project)

Work commencement – June 2022

Total Road length – 93 KM between Mysore to Kushalnagar

Bypasses @ Mysuru City, Bilikere, Hunsur City, Periyapatna & Kushalnagar

As a result of this project, travel time between Bangalore to Madikeri will be reduced from 7 Hours to 3.5 Hours


Panic Buying of Real Estate as prices Sky Rocket!

Contrary to the expected downfall of real estate due to the pandemic, house prices have skyrocketed in 2020. The Government’s support for Businesses, like interest rate cuts, purchase tax reduction etc. have helped upsurge house purchases and increase demand. Now, people are panic-buying homes out of fear that they may run out.

To read the full article, visit here 




Vastu Fixes to usher in Good Health and Positivity

Household appliances:

  • Appliances used for heating should always be placed in the south-east of the room.
  • Fridges should be placed in the northwest part of the room, while TV sets can go anywhere in the northeast part of the room.

Dining table:

  • If placed in the kitchen, the dining table should be placed in the northwest section and placed in such a way that the seating owner or the eldest person faces the north or east and the guest faces south or west while dining.


  • A bedroom is a place for rest and revitalization, and hence the location of the bed is important according to Vastu. It should be placed towards the southwestern part of the room but not in the southwest corner.
  • While sleeping, one should keep one’s head towards the south for better sleep and health.


  • Mirrors should not be put on the opposite side of beds in the study room or bedroom.
  • They should only be placed on the north and east walls.

Study Table:

  • The study table should be placed in the south-west of the room so that the person faces north or east while studying.

Wardrobe / Almirah:

  • These should be set in the southwest of the room and if they hold valuables, then it is perfect to put them in the southwest part of the room.
  • They should so placed such that they open towards the east or north.

Sofa set:

  • Furniture like sofas and chairs should be put in the south and western part of the living room.
  • The chair on which the eldest person sits should face the south or west direction.

Shoe Racks:

  • Footwear shoe racks should never be stored in the southwest part of the main hall or verandah and in the bedroom.
  • Never put shoes in the south-east, north, or east part of the house.

Internal plants:

  • Vastu rules say that cactus or related flora, bonsai trees, and red flowering plants should not be kept indoors.
  • The north-east corner of the house should be without plants and pots should not be placed along the north and east walls.

Fish tank and fountain:

  • These beautiful pieces should never be kept in the bedroom and study area.

Arts and Paintings:

  • To keep the North East clean and light, Vastu suggests keeping that area free from paintings or anything else.
  • War scenes, violence, nudity, evil and complex paintings should be avoided with painted colors.
  • The idols of the gods should not be placed in the bedroom and the heavy idols should not be placed in the north-east corner of the room.
  • Stuffed animals should not be kept anywhere in the house.

Home is where one spends maximum time and during the pandemic, as WORK FROM HOME (WFH) takes over, it is imperative that the above principles are followed to get a sense of peace and happiness.


Effect of Pandemic on Residential Properties

Pandemic has accelerated sales of residential properties in smaller cities because some of these living spaces are available in developed and habituated townships. Demand for condos and integrated townships in Tier II cities has also seen a surge, with increased need of safer environment and amenities within gated communities.

Organisations are planning to continue work from home and policies like Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India will create opportunities in tier II & III cities.

Reverse migration is also likely to continue for some time so demand in these cities will increase. If you analyse residential sales from 2014 to 2019, tier I cities grew at 28%, but tier II grew faster at 51%.

Tier II and III cities have witnessed considerable rise in demand in the recent past, primarily due to accessible pricing, more space, better returns on investment and lower cost of acquisition, mostly for ready to move in units according to senior executive director, DLF Home Developers Ltd.

After Pandemic, there is a rise in trend among homebuyers to build a lifestyle away from the hustle of a metropolitan cities. People are buying well-developed plots and independent villas instead of houses in group housing societies or in high rise buildings.



SBI to Support Real estate Industry and Builders fraternity

State Bank of India chief general manager O P Mishra has assured the real estate industry and the builders’ fraternity of all possible support to address various issues concerning them at a meeting with the CCREDAI-Hyderabad.

Key points of the meeting were to:

  • Strengthen the relationship between the bank and developers and to discuss issues relating to home loan sanctions, project tie-ups and project funding.
  • Favour more meeting with builders and the industry at frequent intervals so that various aspects concerning them could be discussed and action initiated.
  • Assurance that other issues which required the intervention of the centre would be taken up.

He said the main points arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic had been addressed to a large extent through relief measures like moratorium on EMIs, charging of simple interest during moratorium period and extending emergency line of credit to builders.




Financing your property buying simplified

Buying a property whether it is house or plots or land can be exciting and cause for celebration but also exhausting if you’re not prepared for it. Preparing your finances is a big part of buying properties. Here are few things you should consider before financing your property purchase.
First, Set up a budget based on your expenses such as buying habits, monthly bills and instalments, family commitments and other stuffs including medical and hospital requirements.
Second, Try to reduce your debts and increase your income. Sell things which you aren’t using or lying inactive. Clear unnecessary goods which are no longer in use. Pay more on credit card bills and other instalments if any to improve your credit scores. Good credit history improves your credibility. The last thing you want to find is that you’re not financially qualified to buy it. To guarantee you’re financially ready to buy your first home, you’ll need good credit, encash, and a verifiable income.

Third, Save money for down payment. Paying higher down payment while buying a property can get you better offer and lower interest rates on your bank loan.

Fourth, Check for Govt. Housing Schemes and subsidy or Grants if you are eligible for it. As eligible buyers can avail part of the total amount through this.
Keep your documents ready to verify your income and finances. Good Luck.


Land acquisition for formation of an industrial corridor @ Bilikere

The proposed land acquisition for formation of an industrial corridor which was long pending has again gathered pace. In a recent meeting attended by District Incharge minister among others, held at Mysore, it was decided to identify uncultivated lands in Bilikere, Manuganahalli, Ankanahalli etc of Hunsur Taluk for acquisition by KIADB for formation of an industrial cluster. This move give further give impetus to the overall growth of the vicinity.

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Ankanahalli Bilikere Land Aquisition


Greater Mysuru (Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike)

Greater Mysuru (Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike)

Great news for Namma Mysuru Residents. Mysore City Corporation (MCC) will soon be upgraded to Greater Mysuru (Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike).

The upgradation will either be based on the population or on other parameters as decided in the meeting with the local elected representatives & officials. Eight Gram Panchayats (GPs) have also qualification to be merged with the City Corporation.

Once upgraded, the basic facilities like water, roads, street lights etc will be provided / maintained by BMMP and mysore properties in the vicinity will be likely to go up.