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SBI to Support Real estate Industry and Builders fraternity

State Bank of India chief general manager O P Mishra has assured the real estate industry and the builders’ fraternity of all possible support to address various issues concerning them at a meeting with the CCREDAI-Hyderabad.

Key points of the meeting were to:

  • Strengthen the relationship between the bank and developers and to discuss issues relating to home loan sanctions, project tie-ups and project funding.
  • Favour more meeting with builders and the industry at frequent intervals so that various aspects concerning them could be discussed and action initiated.
  • Assurance that other issues which required the intervention of the centre would be taken up.

He said the main points arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic had been addressed to a large extent through relief measures like moratorium on EMIs, charging of simple interest during moratorium period and extending emergency line of credit to builders.




Interest rates looks set for a fall in the near future, should I do part prepayment of my home loan?

Not necessarily. Home loan is a loan which is taken to create a long term asset. Concentrate on retiring high cost consumer oriented loans such as vehicle loan, personal loan, if any. Also, ensure Credit Card is paid within the due date. NEVER EVER carry forward the Credit Card dues.

Home Loan with a tax saving kicker effectively reduces the actual interest rate that a home owner actually incurs. This results in a substantial savings in the long run.

Home Loan is an excellent vehicle to fund a real estate purchase.